Malus domestica Borkh.

Triploid. Said to have originated either in the garden of the Duke of Augustenberg, Castle of Graefenstein, Schleswig-Holstein or in Italy or Southern Tyrol and sent to Schleswig-Holstein, or scions from Italy sent home by a brother of Count Chr. Ahlefeldt of Graasten Castle, South Jutland. It is thought to have arrived in Denmark in about 1669. Fruits have crisp, rather coarse-textured, juicy flesh with a pleasant mixture of sweetness and acidity with a distinctive flavour.

A. Grafenstein, Almindelig Graasteensaeble, Blumen Calvill, Blumen Calville, Blumencalvill, Calville de Grafenstein, Calville de Gravenstein, Calville Grafensteiner, Calville Gravenstein, Calville Gravensteiner, Danish Graasteen, de Comte, de Gravenstein, de Princesse, der Graefensteiner, Diel's Sommerkonig, Diels Sommer Konig, Diels Sommerkonig, Early Congress, Ernteapfel, Gelber Gravensteiner, Graafen, Graasteen, Graasten, Graastensaeble, Graefenstein, Graefensteiner, Grafen Apfel, Grafen-Apfel, Grafenapfel, Grafenshteinskii kalvil, Grafenshteinskoe zbeltoe, Grafenstain, Grafensteiner, Grafensteinskoe, Grafszt ynek, Grafsztynek Prawdziwy, Graistynek, Grave Slige, Grave Slije, Grave Sliji, Grave Stige, Grave Stigne, Grave Stije, Gravensteen, Gravensteener, Gravenstein Apple, Gravensteiner, Gravensteiner (Gul), Gravensteini alma, Gravensteinsapple, Gravenstener, Gravenstine, Gravstynke, GravstynskT, Greastener, Gul Graastener, Gult Graasteensaeble, Harryman, Ohio Nonpareil, Pansky vonac, Paradies, Paradies Apfel, Paradiesapfel, Petergaard, Petersgaards Graasten, Pomme de Gravenstein, Pomme Graefenstein, Prinzessin Apfel, Prinzessinapfel, Ripp Apfel, Rippapfel, Romarin de Botzen, Sabin, Sabine, Sabine (des Flamands), Sabine (of the Flemings), Sabine of the Flemings, Savine, Sommer Koning, Sommerkonig, Stroemling, Strohmer, Stromerling, Stromling, The Gravenstein Apple, Tom Harryman

Material available from the National Fruit Collection.
Material held in Tidnor Wood National Collection® of Malus (Cider making)

Mother to:
Dulmener Rosenapfel

Father to:
James Lawson
Adersleber Calville

All-Red Gravenstein

Accession No.
1957 - 215   fingerprint   check_circle

Accession name

1. NFC fruit (undated) Unpublished characterisation by staff at NFC, Brogdale.
2. Smith, M. (1971) National Apple Register