King of the Pippins


Malus domestica Borkh.

Origin confused but is identical to Reine des Reinettes grown in France. Introduced by Kirke of Brompton as King of the Pippins, but prior name appears to have been Golden Winter Pearmain. First recorded in 1800. Fruits are firm, juicy and subacid with a

Aranyparmen, die Englische Winter-Goldparmane, Englische Winter Gold Parmaene, Englische Winter Gold Parmane, Englische Winter Gold Pearmain, Englische Winter Gold-Parmane, Englische Winter Golden Pearmain, Englische Winter Goldparmane, Englische Winter Winter-Gold-Parmane, Englische Winter-Gold-Parmane, Englische Winter-Goldparmane, Englische Wintergoldparmane, English Winter Golden Pear, George I, George II, Gold Parmaene, Gold Parmane, Golden Winter Pearmain, Golden Winter-Pearmain, Golden-Winter-Pearmain, Goldparmane, Goldreinette, Guld Pearmain, Guld-Pearmain, Guldparman, Guldpearmain, Gullparman, Hampshire Golden Pippin, Hampshire King of the Pippins, Hampshire Yellow, Hampshire Yellow Golden Pippin, Hamshire Yellow, Herzogs Reinette, Jone's Southampton Pippin, Jones, Jones Southampton Pippin, Jones Southampton Pippins, Jones' Southampton Pippin, Jones' Southampton Yellow, Jones's Southampton Pippin, King of Pippins, King of the Pippin, King Pippin, Krolowa renet, Orange Pearmain, Parm einette, Parmain d'Or, Parmain Doree, Parmaine Doree, Parmen zimnii zolotoi, Parmena zlata, Parmena zlata zimna, Parmena zlata zimni, Pearmain Dorata, Pearmain Dorato, Pearmain dorato d'inverno, Pearmain Dore, Pearmain Dore d'hiver, Pearmain Doree, Pearmain Doree d'Hiver, Pearmain-doree d'hiver, Pike's Pearmain, Polosatii Safran, Polosatii shafran, Prince of Pippins, Prince's Pippin, Princess Pippin, Queen of the Pippins, Regina delle Renette, Reine des Reinettes, Reinette d'Oree, Reinette de Friesland Hative, Reinette de la Couronne, Reinette Siavee, Seek no Farther, Seek no Further, Seek-no-Further, Shropshire Pippin, Teli arany parmen, The King of Pippins, Ventinus Ellacott, Ventinuss Ellicott Pippin, Ventmus Ellicott Pippin, Ventmuss Ellicot, Ventmuss Ellicott, Ventmuss Ellicott Pippin, Vermillon Raye, Vermillon Rayee, Vinter Guldpearmain, Winter Gol Parmane, Winter Gold Parmaene, Winter Gold Parmane, Winter Gold Pearmain, Winter Goldparmane, Winter Pearmain, Winter-Gold-Parmane, Winter-Goldparmane, Wintergoldparmane, Zimni zlote parmena, Zimnii zolotoi parmen, Zlata zimni parmena, Zlatna parmena, Zlota Reneta, Zlotoi Parmen

Material available from the National Fruit Collection.

Mother to:
Hope Cottage Seedling
Laxton's Triumph
Allington Pippin

King Russet
Rote Goldparmane

Accession No.
1972 - 030     check_circle

Accession name
King of the Pippins

Accession No.
1957 - 218   fingerprint   cancel

Accession name
King of the Pippins

1. NFC fruit (undated) Unpublished characterisation by staff at NFC, Brogdale.
2. Smith, M. (1971) National Apple Register