Orleans Reinette


Malus domestica Borkh.

Thought to be of French origin. It was first described in 1776. Received an Award of Merit from the Royal Horticultural Society in 1914 under the name 'Winter Ribston' and in 1921 as 'Orleans Reinette'. Fruits have firm, fine-textured, little juicy flesh with a pleasant, Blenheim-like flavour.

Aurore, Cardinal Pippin, Corneli's Gold Reinette, Corneli's Gold-Reinette, Cornellis Gold-Reinette, Courpendu blanc, Courpendu dore, Court Pendu Blanc, Court Pendu de Tournay, Court Pendu Dore, Court Pendu Doree, Court-Pendu Blanc, Court-pendu de Tournay, Court-Pendu Dore, Court-Pendu Doree, Court-Pendu-Doree, Crackling Pippin, Dattenfelder Gold Reinette, Dattenfelder Gold-Reinette, Doerell's Ananas Reinette, Doerell's Ananas-Reinette, Doerell's Grosse Gold Reinette, Doerell's grosse Gold-Reinette, Doerell's Rosmarin Reinette, Doerell's Rosmarin-Reinette, Doerells Ananas Reinette, Doerells Grosse Goldreinette, Doerells Rosmarin Reinette, Doppelte Gold Reinette, Doppelte Gold- Reinette, Gold Reinette, Gold Reinette von Sans Souci, Gold Reinette von Sans-Souci, Gold-Reinette, Gold-Reinette von Sans Sousi, Gold-Reinette von Sans-Souci, Golden Reinette, Goldreinette, Graf Sterenberg's Kostliche Reinette, Graf Sternberg's Kostliche Reinette, Graf Sterneberg's Kostliche Reinette, Gross Wiener Gold Reinette, Grosse Wiener Gold-Reinette, Grosser Bohmischer Borsdorfer, Grosser Borsdorfer, Grosser Wiener Gold Reinette, Guldrenett, Harklows Bester, Hollandische Pepping, Hollandsche Pepping, Hollandsk Pippin, Kirke's Golden Reinette, Kirkes Golden Reinette, Kleine Casseler Reinette, Krasnii safran, Krasnyi shafran, Madam Calpin, New York Reinette, New Yorker Reinette, New-Yorker Reinette, Niuiorska Reneta, Orlean's Reinette, Orleans Reinet, Orleans-Reinette, Orleans-Renett, Orleansi Renet, Orleanskii Renet, Orleansrenett, Pearmain d'Or, Pepping Paermain, Pepping Pearmain, Pepping Pearmaine, Pepping von Holland, Perl Reinette, Perl-Reinette, Perle Reinette, Princesse Noble, Radauer Reinette, Reinette Belle-Fleur, Reinette Bellefleur, Reinette d'Aix, Reinette d'Orleans, Reinette de Breil, Reinette de Friesland, Reinette de Spitzemberg, Reinette de Spitzenberg, Reinette de Tournay, Reinette Glasgow, Reinette Golden, Reinette Orleans, Reinette Triomphant, Reinette Triomphante, Reinette Triumphant, Reinette von Orleans, Renet de Orleans, Renet Orleanskii, Ronde Belle-Fleur, Ronde Bellefleur, Schonbrunner Reinette, Shafran, Siegende Reinette, Starklow's Bester, Triumph Reinette, Triumph-reinette, Triumph-Teinette, Vyker Pippin, Winter Ribston, Wygers, Wyker Peppeling, Wyker Pepping, Wyker Pippin, Yellow German Reinette, Zimnii safran, Zimnii Shafran

Material available from the National Fruit Collection.

Mother to:
Weidners Goldreinette
Pepin Shafrannyi

Accession No.
1976 - 147   fingerprint   check_circle

Accession name
Orleans Reinette (LA 73A)

1. NFC fruit (undated) Unpublished characterisation by staff at NFC, Brogdale.
2. Smith, M. (1971) National Apple Register