Twenty Ounce


Malus domestica Borkh.

Thought to have originated in either New York or Connecticut, USA. Brought to notice in about 1844. Fruits have coarse, moderately tender flesh with a subacid flavour.

Aurora, Cayuga Red Streak, Cayuga Redstreak, Coleman, de Dix-huit Onces, de Vin du Connecticut, Dix-huit Onces, Eighteen Ounce, Eighteen Ounce Apple, Gov. Seward's, Lima, Morgan's Favorite, Morgan's Favourite, Morgans Favorite, Pomme de Vin de Connecticut, Pomme de Vin du Connecticut, Pomme de Vingt-onces, Pomme rayee de Cayuga, Pomrne de Dix-huit Onces, Reinette de Vingt-Onces, Renet 20 untsii, Twenty Ounce Apple, Twenty Ounce Pippin, Twenty Ounces, Wine, Wine of Connecticut, Zwanzig Unzen, Zwanzig Unzen Apfel

Material available from the National Fruit Collection.
Material held in the Marcher Apple Network collections (Donnington)

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Twenty Ounce

1. NFC fruit (undated) Unpublished characterisation by staff at NFC, Brogdale.
2. Smith, M. (1971) National Apple Register